Nina Mehta


Nina is actor and writer based in New York City.
Permanent ensemble member of The Collective NY, an acclaimed theater and film production company.
Oenophile and pop culture addict. 



Life! Camera Action                                           Actress                                           R.Gupta/RNG Films

The Box                                                              Anjali                                             Floating Boy Films
 OFFICIAL SELECTION – New Zealand International Film Festival 2010

A Long Road                                                      Parole Office Receptionist              CAsH Films

The Call Center                                                 Agent/Nina                                     Huqster Productions
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2009, Asian American Intl. Film Festival 2009, NY Television Film Festival 09

I Killed You ‘Cause I Had To                             Sima’s sister (uncred.)                      Mudd Hill Movies

The Waiting Room                                            Radha                                              Vibha Productions

Finding Priya a Prom Date                              Priya                                              I’M MAD PRODUCTIONS
 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Cinema City Intl. Festival 2008 , Vine Short Film Festival 2009, Chicago Asian America Showcase 2009, NYC Downtown Short Film Festival 2009 , New Filmmakers LA Film Festival 2009, DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2009  

AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD – First Glance Online Film Festival 2009

Hiding Divya                                                    Sari Shop Assistant                             Hiding Divya, LLC



Inside Amy Schumer (season 2)                                 Multiple roles                         Comedy Central             Inside Amy Schumer (season 1)                                  Colleen                                   Comedy Central
Come Inside with Amy Schumer (prod. workshop)   Flavia                                      Comedy Central
Chaos Theory (ep. 21)                                                   Kelly Clarkson Fan       Productions


New York Theatre

The Exit Interview                                                     Mrs. Rosetti                             The Collective NY          Jackson Heights Trilogy                                          Pema/Nassim/Gita/Prema       Theatre 167/777 Theatre
Jackson Heights 3AM                                             Gita/Prema                                 Theatre 167
Me                                                                               Maia Akiva                              Piper Theatre Prod
Talking Dirty                                                                 Maya/Various                          The Working Theatre
Edvard Munch’s Happy Painting                                  Sarah                                       The Collective NY
The Duck Pond                                                            Rachel                                      The Collective NY
By Popular Demand                                                    Shree                                       New Perspective Theatre Co.
The Developer                                                             Larissa                                     SoHo Playhouse
Raisins not Virgins                                                      Maryam                                    The Lark Theatre
Spoon River Anthology                                              Russian Sonia                          Adam Roebuck Productions
Moon Over Miletus                                                     Thalia                                       The Gallery Players
The President is Coming                                           Archana Kapoor                       SALAAM Theatre
Betrayal                                                                       Emma                                       EyeBLink Productions
The Bald Soprano                                                      Mrs. Martin                               EyeBLink Productions
Paradise                                                                      Fatima                                      Drama Bookshop
Comrades                                                                   Ida/Maid                                   EyeBLink Productions
GEHRI DOSTI                                                             Mou/Ensemble                        Circle East
The South Asian Monologues                                 Aaliyah                                     Cami Hall/CenterStage NY
That Takes Ovaries!                                                 Freezia Podrero                       The Culture Project
Lysistrata                                                                   Ismenia                                 Theater for the New City




William Esper Studio, Two-Year Professional Actor Program; Acting: Terry Knickerbocker; Audition: Deb Jackel
HB Studios, Voice: Susan Patrick (Linklater Technique)
The Collective NY – (Permanent Ensemble) – Theatre Company
SALAAM Theatre (member) - Theatre Company

Additional Information/Skills

Languages:    Hindi (fluent)
Dialects:    East Indian, Middle Eastern, British (Standard/Cockney), Australian, Irish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Eastern U.S-New York/New Jersey, Southern (U.S.)
Other:    Singing (Soprano II), Comedy/Improv, Voiceover and Teleprompter experience


I love acting. It’s so much more real than life.